We know how important your time is. Practices like yours can spend an average of 20 hours a week on prior authorizations alone.1 We understand that your practice needs to do more in less time. You're looking for easier ways to complete prior authorizations. You want to help patients apply for financial assistance and get them onto therapy quickly. We want to reduce the hassle so you can get back to what matters most to you.

Administrative Assistance for Your Practice

CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy helps patients adhere to your plan of care - while decreasing the administrative burden on your practice. We are an efficient, single point of contact for you and your patients. Like you, we want patients to get the therapy they need as quickly as possible, make sure they adhere to the prescribed regimen and realize optimal outcomes.

Services that save you time:

Proven, Individualized Care for Your Specialty Patients

Patients using our specialty pharmacy are 36 percent more likely to remain on therapy than those using other specialty pharmacies.2 Making it easier to start and keep your patients on therapy helps them lead longer and more productive lives. We want to be an extension of the care you provide.

Our clinician-led teams are staffed with experts in specific specialty conditions and treatments. They closely monitor issues that can undermine adherence, like disease progression, co-morbidities and infection.

Our services help your patients stay on the appropriate therapy, including:

Multiple channels make patient access to specialty pharmacy easy and convenient. Our services are available through:

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2 CVS Caremark Data Warehouse 2010-2011 March 2012, CVS Caremark Specialty Analytics compared to industry benchmark. Return

Now Available

For your convenience, you can now e-prescribe all specialty referrals to us.